6 Secrets of Successful SEO Companies in 2017


The success of a SEO campaign does not lie in one big secret “weapon” or strategy that Denver SEO companies use, and it is not difficult to understand why. First of all, each client is different and has distinctive needs, so there is no universal strategy that can be applied. Second of all, a SEO campaign is a whole made of several parts, and each part needs a particular optimization approach.

The success of a search engine optimization strategy lies in the details. Of course, major factors, such as highly relevant content and quality backlinks, are still important, but, in order to get the best out of them, a keen attention to details is needed.

Moreover, seasoned Denver SEO managers know better than to claim that they have some secret tips and tricks that they employ all the time. SEO is in a permanent process of development and change. For instance, something that worked 5 years ago could be considered bad practice today.

There is, however, one thing successful SEO managers have been doing ever since the beginning of search engine optimization and that is research. It is as important as it was 20 years ago, and only through research have online marketers been able to determine what works and what does not work in 2017 in terms of SEO.


Six Tips Denver SEO Companies Have Proved to Work So Far in 2017

More focus on user engagement
As Google has started to put greater emphasis on user engagement, so do SEO experts. It can be attained through high quality content that does not only keep the visitors reading, but also prompts them to share it.

Queries answered in content
Crafting content based on the users’ questions is a great way to attract targeted traffic to the website. Moreover, users who visit a website knowing exactly what they are looking for are far more likely to convert into customers.

Use of expired high authority domains
Purchasing expired domains with high page authority is a skillful way of getting solid links. It requires thorough research and patience in order to fix the broken links and direct them to the site, but SEO experts say that the results are worth it.

Backing-up SEO with conversion rate optimization will kill two birds with one stone: improve search results position and generate more profitable clicks.

Multimedia integration
It seems that Google appreciates multimedia resources on a website, since high authority domains display all types of media. Video is the most popular, especially HD video, since it can be transportable to audio, images and transcribed to text. Besides, multimedia assets generally increase on-page time.

Linking to other sites
Contrary to common belief, linking to other websites does not have a negative impact on the search position of a website. Unless, of course, the links are to unrelated sites. Quite the opposite, Colorado SEO companies attest, a link to a relevant website can help rankings and can even get a solid backlink in return.

Seo Is Quite Simple

Earlier Search engine optimization companies tended to confuse their clients with complex terminology. This was done to justify their high charges and mediocre results. Of course, Google changes its algorithms frequently and usually without notice and therefore it is necessary for an SEO professional to indulge in some guesswork. However, there are three things you need to keep in mind as these are most important in the process of search engine optimization.

On Page Optimization – This is simple because when people search on the internet, they are looking for information. This is the reason that your website should have the content, images, and videos which provide them with the information they need. The content should be relevant to the search term you wish to optimize for. At the same time, you should have at least 400 words of relevant information on each page of your website. This will ensure that the visitor on your website stays on it longer which in turn will enhance your rankings.

Off-Page Optimization – This is a little tough, but it means that that the title of the page and headlines of your website contain the search terms you wish to optimize for.

Backlinks – Backlinks can be considered to be a vote of confidence for your website. The more backlinks you have, the more popular you are, and this will result in a higher ranking in SERPs. It is a good idea to write articles and link them back to your website and disseminate them across the internet. This will provide great results in enhancing the SERP ranking of your website. These articles should also be minimum 400 words in length and contain relevant information.

Hence we can see that SEO is not particularly difficult, but keyword research and copywriting takes time. This is the reason that it is advisable to outsource your SEO campaign to a professional SEO company.